Saturday, June 19, 2010


On Saturday 12 June we set off calling in on any stray coffee shops, antique shops or restaurants. Blackbutt has a great Tourist information hut - if you like a chat call in.
We reached Maidenwell caught the day show at observatory with free political commentary. There were videos but the most interesting thing was the the live view of the Sun. We were told to dress warmly for the night show and that jeans did not keep out the cold.

The friendly publican at Maidenwell warned us that there was a big party on that night, so we pre-ordered our meals. They arrived on time, and were delicious.
For the the 8:30 night show we wore our clothes in layers and mostly managed to stay warm. We saw Saturn with rings edge on, binary stars, a galaxy and a nebula. The Jewel Box impressed everyone the most. The theatrics such as the them from "2001 - A Space Odyssey" were enjoyed in good humour and the free political comentary tolerated.

On Sunday, I opted for a "Big Breakfast" at the Maidenwell store- friendly service and great value. We walked Benarkin to Linville section of the Blackbutt to Moore Rail Trail - an easy 19 km walk on an even grade ending up at Linville Pub for drinks.
in an attempt to get back first to the Shower Sue took the "adventurous" detour (well actually it was more direct) and it would have worked except for a wrong term (where there was no sign).

At the Maidenwell Pub the after-party was on. Guitars, singing, dancing. And the meals were still great.

Monday, we set off home visiting Crow's Nest Falls National Park for a short walk.

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