Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lances Ramblings in Sydney

This is a ramble of the Sydney walk, Sydney Harbour Bridge to Manly. January Long weekend.

Brisbane Time. Get up at 4 Bloody AM to get to the airport at 5AM to catch the 6AM plane to Sydney which arrives at 8.30AM( Sydney Time). A minor stuff up getting a shuttle bus to The Rocks YHA Hostel and I was booked in and away walking by 10.30.
We will save that walk description for later only to say it was hot and humid.
Next day.
Sunday dawned bright and clear. I wish that was true but Sunday did not dawn at all.
Plan A was to get up real early and walk up on to the Harbour Bridge and get a photo of the sunrise coming up behind the Opera House thingo. Well, as I walked out of the hostel in the dark and on to the footpath I realised it was very humid. 100% humidity as a matter of fact and I was darned sure I was not going to get a sunrise photo while it was raining, so back inside again.
I was going to continue walking across the Bridge and walk to Manly following the Harbour shore the whole way. I had planned to do this because a paticular person in our club said I could'nt.
I waited in the hostel for 1/2hr, bored stiff. I dont have a very good relaxing tolerance.
Stuff it, I decided to go whether I got wet or not, The sun should have been up by now except you could not see it in the drizzle.
Did you know they have Security guards either end of the Bridge at night to stop it being blown up. Guess explosives dont work in daylight.
I found my way across the Bridge allright but after that there was a lot of suburb walking before I could get back down to the shoreline.and I must say all the morning joggers were most helpful with directions as the map I had photocopied was in a rather small scale such that I could not read the names of the roads unless they were very inportant roads in big type. And you thought bushwalking in Sydney was going to be easy.
Moving on, the route marked in red on the map does not allow for you to walk down the Cremorne Penisula, but I managed cause I got lost. I had left the hostel a little after 6 and arrived at the Cremorne Peninsula at 8.15 AM. The interesting part of this coastal walk starts at the bottom tip of the Cremorne Peninsula and follows the shore line around
Mossman Gully and the Taronga Zoo area and then winds its way around various reserves and the Sydney Harbour National Park.

The previous day was very hot and humid, today was really overcast, drizzly and humid. By the time I had got to Clifton Gardens beach it was 11AM and I was stuffed tired and sore. The previous day had not helped.
I had a ice cream and decided to go for a swim in the enclosure. Normally I would not have had a bath until Friday night but my body temperature felt way over the scale. Now it was either the ice cream or the 1/2HR wallowing in the water but I started to come good.
I had a yarn with another walking group, one of who has a friend in Brisbane who tried the BBW and found them most unsociable.
So if someone turns up at a meeting asking for Lance, we may have a new member.

Feeling much better I was away and met up with the walking group again at Middle Head where they were having lunch.
This section of the walk ends at The Spit which is a bridge over Middle Harbour, but I wanted to continue on to Manly just because.
I arrived at The Spit at 1.50PM and had a handfull of scroggin for lunch. I remembered the words of one of the walking group when I told them I was walking to Manly " You will never make it, it is 15km further on". Red rag to a bull.

The Spit to Manly section is the best part and very interesting. There is aboriginal engravings and down on the shoreline a series of huts built during the depression on prime real estate overlooking The Heads and entrance to Sydney Harbour. This is now National Park.
Now that I could see Manly, nothing was going to stop me.I started to fade near the end so in for another swim.( Penny would be proud of me having that many baths in one day.) I caught the 5 o'clock ferry back to Circular Quay and proved to myself something. Not sure what, we set ourselves little challenges in life and its nice to accomplish them. 11HRS.

Tomorrow is another day and I might still try for that sunrise photo.

Love Lance.

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