Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Wet Walk

Jenny lead a Base Camp to O'Reilly's in Lamington National Park on 5th, 6th and 7th February.
On Friday night there was a little rain.
On Saturday some more arrived. and we set out at 8:40 am fotr the Albert river circuit.
Resting at a turn-off many members of the Brisbane Bush Walkers went past and then a second lot went past. We enjoy meeting fellow walkers on the track but this was too much track congestion. After a short discussion we decided to walk the circuit the other way (clockwise).

We met a snake greenish and stripey. She seemed very reluctant to move out of the way, perhaps she was a bit cold.

We had lunch at the lookout. then it strarted to rain. then the rain got heavy. Then It rained harder. Most people opted to wear their rain coats. I get very out in a rain coat so I got wet instead.

The blue Lamington crayfish emerged along the tracks above the streams, we passed dozens of them. The crayfish got very cross when we stepped over them. They clicked their nippers and showed their red joints.

We passed the waterfalls (I admit to only limited interest in pouring rain). And we passed the BBW walkers going the other way.

I was last back at 3:50pm.

The coffee was great.
All that and I didn't mention the leeches.

Dinner at O'Reilly's was rowdy and delicious.

I elected to drive home (my tent was still in my car boot and still dry). for those who stayed camping it was a very wet night.