Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mt Banglora

There were four of us Lance, Carmen, myself and my son André.

We were looking for a gorge North-East of Mt Bangalora and brought abseil gear in the hope of using it.

The weather forecast was for very warm weather and dusty winds. We did not know if we would find water and so took additional water with us - a total of 3 litres each.

We came in a single car and following the directions included below we found the recommended carpark. We shared out the abseil equipment and set off at 8:40am.

First up the road and then following the fence. The way became very steep and I found the going tough. Lance led the way contouring and slightly climbing. We came to a section of loose rounded rocks underneath cliffs. This had to be crossed carefully with rocks unexpectedly slipping out from underfoot. Orchids grew amongst the rocks only a few were flowering and all had leaves that appeared to be suffering from severe insect attack. There were many caterpillars dangling from silk. Also there were plants with red flowers on giant stalks taller than any of us - it reminded me of Triffids.

We came up against the cliff and sat to have morning tea (Neenish Tarts) and a think.
The view into the distance (away from the cliffs) was wonderful.
I was exhausted. Going on would mean going back looking for a lower path around the cliff - using up valuable time. We decided to return to the car.

We turned back -taking a different lower path. The rounded rock proved difficult again with everybody taking a fall or two. We had lunchWhen we again reached the fence.

The whole area was very dry,with many dry sticks and branches underfoot.

Arriving back at the carpark, at about 3pm a branch had fallen out of a tree and dented my car's boot.

Thank you Lance, Carmen and André for a great adventure.

The Original Directions for future expeditions are:

Road directions to Mt Bangalore: Allow ~ 40 mins Boonah to Bangalora

Zero trip meter at the Dugandan Pub just south of Boonah.

0.0 Dugandan Pub
3.2 Straight ahead at round about.
13.8 Turn right onto Carney’s Creek Road (This is the road to Queen Mary Falls and The Head)
28.5 Cross Teviot Brook
28.6 Turn right onto The Head Road. (Road to Killarney and Queen Mary Falls)
29.7 Turn right through a gate onto Wickham Road (a dirt road)
Please leave the gates as you find them – I have always found them shut.
31.6 Gate – veer right
32.0 Park car on left.
32.5 Two gates – you have gone too far – turn around and find the car park!! about 535 813

From the cars - walk up the road about half a Km until the fence corner (close to the two gates) - about 532 809and follow this fence up to the mountain, then skirt around the mountain until the creek, hitting it a short distance below the cliffs - about 513 804.
That first fence you follow up eventually cuts out and there is no fence separating either of the properties from the National park

Follow the creek upstream, keeping as close to the cliffs as you can and then strike up to the Mt Bell/Bangalora saddle (steep grassy slope).
From the saddle drop down into the creek, though it is better to keep out of it until the gorge is reached - about 503 815.
Once in the gorge, it is a case of jumping, sliding climbing down etc. The first drop should be checked by someone going down to make sure it is safe to jump (can be hard to check it out from above)
There is one waterfall which needs a rope about 30m, though the logs might still be there to enable climbing down. Most people prefer to use the rope.

There is a second gorge which comes in from the left. It needs one abseil down a waterfall and a big jump into a pool at the bottom. You can look at the waterfall in the second gorge from above - there is a track that takes you up in that direction.

End of Original Directions