Thursday, September 10, 2009

Leaning Ridge, Mt Barney

Lance's Ramblings

The other day I was up on Leaning Ridge on Mt, Barney. Now Leaning Ridge is a steep rocky, as in slabs, ridge on the northern side of the mountain. A rock scramblers dream with lots of exposure.
I was walking with what I consider a very experienced party of Ron, Peter, Carmen and of course myself.
Now I often go walking with myself as I find my company quite enjoyable and its nice to carry out a intelligent and logical discussion, I never seem to get interrupted and invariably I always seem to agree with whatever it is I am discussing. I seem to get along very well with myself.
Sitting up on a slab of rock, it was a little warm. Lovely view below my feet and a little tired with a few scratches. We were lost.
Now I dont mean we were really lost in as much as we did'nt know where we were. We knew where we were because we were on the right bloody ridge and there was a vertically drop on one side and a vertical drop on the other. You would think that with so little choice to play with you would know which way to go up but all options seemed impractical or down right scary.
So I said to myself "Lance". I often call myself Lance, its a habit I heve got into over the years.
"Lance. Why do I do these things, why do I go bushwalking and get myself in to these predicaments?"
Do you know what. I didn't have a clue.
And then a angel called Carmen piped up. "Because your extremely kind and thoughtful and talented and so well mannered and sophisticated, charming goodlooking and wealthy." Okay you caught me out, I lied a little bit there. I am not really wealthy.
But have you ever really considered why you go bushwalking.
I think I know why I go its because I love the bush and the mountains.The bush is my church,and being on top of a mountain , whether it be in Italy, Tasmania or Mt Barney. That is the closest I come to my God.
It is because of the people. Bushwalkers are the finest people in the world. We are all different from various walks of life and all have our different quirks. Hello Rosemary. Love ya. (I dont think I will get into trouble for that because I dont think she reads this tripe unless one of you blabber mouths opens your big gob.)
Bushwalkers are the special people and I wish to thank you all for the pleasure of your company.
Especially Ron, Peter, and Carmen for a great trip.

We started walking 7.30am and got back to the car at 9.15pm. Too buggered to drive home so we did the safe thing and slept next to the car , had a leisurely breakfast next morning in Beaudesert and drove home to reality. Throughly, mentally refreshed.

Love Lance.
Photos courtesy of the Angel and Ron.