Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moreton Island

Expedition to Rouse Battery.
11 - 12 July 2009

André at Shark Spit on Sunday.
This was his first through walk.

Gisela and Dave inspect a wreck.

We met at the MICAT ferry (the charges add up - $50 return per person and $15 per day for parking at the terminal). New members Janet and Gisela were there, and Neil from the South Queensland Bushwalkers and André on his first through walk. the rest were Dave, our leader, Russell, Libby and myself. The sea was smooth and the trip uneventful. It was a bright clear day -beautiful Winter weather.

We arrived at Moreton Island and joined Michael and Mandy who camped overnight.

It was a hot walk along the beach and over the dunes to "The Desert". Here we had a snack and some of us attempted to slide down the sand dunes. Some slid well but I could not manage to slide down - I bruised my ribs leaping off the sand cliff.

The track from the desert was mostly smooth underfoot but plants encroached from the sides. It was cool. The banksias were in flower. We had lunch on the track.

We walked on until sunset when we reached Rouse Battery. The camping place was grassy and the birds called loudly. The water tasted good. We did not have permission for a bonfire and so stood talking under the stars.

Only a couple of us stayed up to see Jupiter rise then the moon rose and drowed out most of the stars. The surf roared loadly all night - more loudly than a highway.

The next day we set off south along the beach another bright clear day. It was hot in the sun along the beach and cool under the trees. Russell stayed behind to locate more of the remains of the battery and he returned via the desert. The rest of us visited the Big Sandhills. Having hurt myself the day before I slept in the sun at the foot - it was very relaxing.

After the Big sandhills, I found the return along the western beach a tough walk in the heat facing into the sun. We rested at the wrecks and I napped at lunch.

A couple of years ago Dave (our leader) had seen many dead sea stars on the Western beaches of Moreton Island after the July full moon. He wanted to see if this was an annual event. We saw some dead sea stars though not as many as Dave saw previously.

When we got back to Tangalooma, Russell was already there. After a drink and an ice cream we walked the last few kilmetres to the ferry. The return on the ferry showed a pretty sunset in air conditioned comfort.

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