Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mt Tibrogargan 16-May-2009

East Face via ferrata training day

The opportunity to gain some exposure and via ferrata conditioning was too much for a sub-group of the Italy adventurers and some others, so a day on the East face of Mt Tibrogargan was arranged. After meeting at Flinder's Park the climbers drove into the parking area, went through the basics of protecting a via ferrata and the mechanics of the special addition to a normal climbing harness before walking into the base of the cliffs.

At this stage, Greg, who was carrying an injury, decided that it would be prudent not to make it worse, so he ambled back to the cars, rather than risk further damage during the ascent.

The rest of the team scrambled up to the ledge below the wall just below Cave One. After securing a safety line, all gained the higher ledge and subsequently climbed into Cave One and through it to Cave Two in time for lunch and a look around.

After lunch an general exploration of the nearby caves ensured.

Given the lateness in the day it was determined that a careful descent was appropriate.

So with a combination of scrambling, down climbing, tram-lining and abseiling the top of the scree was regained without incident.

Only one other party, of two people, was seen during the day.

A happy walk out to the cars was followed by a drink at the local kiosk and then a trip home.

A good day was enjoyed by all.

My especial thanks to all for their adventuresome spirit and to Lance and Ray, especially Ray, for attending to the safety of others.

Maria and Greg previously had helped with getting the club gear.

Ron Farmer

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  1. It's good to have another active blogger. I liked how you've included that someone was being sensible and looking after their injuries as well as the more adventurous part of the day. And Great photos.