Thursday, March 12, 2009

Basket Swamp Creek

Rosemary Niehus, our trip leader, relaxing at one of her favourite places - Basket Swamp Creek.

Dragonflies covered in dew, wait for the sunrise at Basket Swamp.

7 - 8 March 2009

Basket Swamp is wonderful. There is very little development apart from some forest tracks.

The program was:
Day One: Get to Basket Swamp. and set up camp.

This was a challenge as I finished work at 5:30pm - it took till 11pm to get there, with a dinner break at Warwick Caltex. Slow driving was required in places to avoid kangaroos. Fortunately good company made the driving easy.

Day Two: Hunt platypus (unsuccessfully, with a camera)
Drive along forest tracks to start point.
Walk to Wellington Rock. Enjoy the view.
Walk to Little Wellington Rock. Enjoy the view.
Follow ridge to saddle and ascend to a knob. Enjoy the view.
Descend (very, very) steep slope to Basket Swamp Creek
Follow the creek upstream - rock hopping - to camp site.
Set up camp.
Dinner and moonrise.

The forest track had humps to divert water off the track. These were high enough to scrape the bottom of 2-wheel drives and force the passengers to get out. Then there was the giant tree...

A few of us practiced our navigation skills along the ridge. But the toughest task was the descent to the creek. The swim at the base of the descent was cold but welcome.

Dinner was in the creek lying and sitting on warm rocks.
And then the Moon rose. Magic.

Day Three: Breakfast (with yoga)
Ascend creek and swim.
Ascend creek and swim.
Fetch cars.
Coffee at Vincenzo's (never to be missed)

The water falls were spectacular, and the rock hopping challenging.
Completing the trip was satisfying.

Basket Swamp Creek is a great place.

Back Creek Gorge - Abseil

The bushies arrive at the bottom of Back Creek Gorge.

On 21 February 2009, Ron Farmer took a group of enthusiastic YHA bushies to Canungra. Back Creek Gorge was just a short drive and a short walk away.
A little rain made the rocks slippery and we had to watch our step negotiating the creek.
The first descent was beside waterfall with a overhang.
The self-belay system used was very safe - I survived tipping upside down.
Lunch was in the creek and
Recent rain had changed conditions down stream so we turned upstream. It was a tough walk along the sides of the canyon.
The next descent was also at a waterfall and had an overhang - I didn't tip upside down this time.
I'm looking forward to the next abseil adventure.