Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mt Warning - Wet, Wet, Wet

At the summit of Mt Warning.
14 February 2009.
The weather forecast was for lots of rain and many pulled out, but a few hardy souls were not deterred.
Even to reach the meeting point (camping ground at the foot of Mt Warning) required crossing a flooded creek. After gathering our thoughts for a couple of hours, waiting for the rain to ease, our leader Carmen called on us to begin. There were a couple of flooded creeks to cross by vehicle to the start of the track. Walking - The rain continued to fall and the track was flooded and many waterfalls cut across our way but we made it to the chain.
A slippery final ascent to, well - there was no view, but a fine sense of achievement.

We ate lunch at the summit. Then the descent - back down the chain, through the waterfalls down the log steps, down the concrete steps to the camp and hot showers.
Much later, the meals and drinks at Mt Warning Hotel were well appreciated.

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