Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cougals

Following the border fence.
15 February 2009

We left our Mt Warning camp site and drove to the end of the Garden of Eden Road, meeting the Qld-NSW border.
With Carmen leading we trekked up the slope beside the border fence. The slope was covered in plants with sharp leaves. So Carmen relenquished the lead to me (Kevin). I was wearing mittens that proved useful in ripping the offending plants out of the way.
After a short rest at the top of the slope, Carmen lead us along open, well cleared fire break immediately beside the border. It was very humid. Our goal, The Cougals were clearly visible. Mt Warning on our left had a cloud blanket on its shoulder. Looking behind, we could see the sea, the sugar mill and the cane farms.
Entering the forest cover brought relief from the heat.
The track continued beside the border fence, becoming steeper and steeper. I used the barbed wire for rope occasionally, the mittens again coming in handy.
We passed a few places where the rabbits had felled trees across the fence in order to cross into Queensland.
We heard a loud crack as a tree or large branch fell in the forest.
Some of us made the last scramble up a steep, wet, rocky climb then ate lunch at the summit. And two of us recharged with lunch and a short rest before tackling the climb.
At the summit were views all around and a cane toad.

The descent down the rocky scramble had to be taken cautiously.

We diverted to inspect a cave by tourchlight. It was inhabited by many long legged crickets and at least one bat.

Descending the steep slope was taken quickly by some and slowly by others. One the way back Jill's boot threw its sole. Duct tape was the answer!

A tropical downpour at the final slope drenched the last of us to return. And made the dirt track out very slippery. Carmen's front wheel drive car needed a little assistance to gain traction up the slope.

A great day! Thanks Carmen.

Mt Warning - Wet, Wet, Wet

At the summit of Mt Warning.
14 February 2009.
The weather forecast was for lots of rain and many pulled out, but a few hardy souls were not deterred.
Even to reach the meeting point (camping ground at the foot of Mt Warning) required crossing a flooded creek. After gathering our thoughts for a couple of hours, waiting for the rain to ease, our leader Carmen called on us to begin. There were a couple of flooded creeks to cross by vehicle to the start of the track. Walking - The rain continued to fall and the track was flooded and many waterfalls cut across our way but we made it to the chain.
A slippery final ascent to, well - there was no view, but a fine sense of achievement.

We ate lunch at the summit. Then the descent - back down the chain, through the waterfalls down the log steps, down the concrete steps to the camp and hot showers.
Much later, the meals and drinks at Mt Warning Hotel were well appreciated.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mt Bogong addition

The day before the Bogong summit photos it was too hot to trudge up to Cleve Cole Hut, ~700m above, so the afternoon was spent in and around Big River trying to stay cool in `37O C temps.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love Creek Falls and the Cedar Tree

The base of the falls and bush walkers in the shade.

We assembled early at the Samford Patisserie, Sorted ourselves into fewer cars then drove to the end of Cedar Creek Road. Sue Ward lead us through this area that she's known since she was a girl. We worked our way up the creek rock hopping and crisscrossing. There were lots of opportunities to practice our rock scrambling skills.
The going was tough in places and we assisted each other up the steep slopes and past the slippery rocks. Two turned back to wait for the party to return.
Somewhere along the way Cedar Creek changed its name to Love Creek -I only found this out later after checking Google maps.
The water was crystal clear all the way. And lots of swimming holes - We tried at least five. Being hot and sweaty, the swimmers enjoyed the cold water. By the end only Gerry didn't swim, but he took a great photo or two - to be shown on club night.
Close to the falls the way became steep, smooth and wet. Some of us trusted to a rope anchored to rock - which proved to be very handy but not quite long enough.
After a short rest at the base of falls, some scrambled up an incline to the top. They reported great views. (No, I was not one of them.)
One the way back Sue diverted us up a tributary to lunch near a large Cedar Tree.
The trip back was very hot when we broke cover and walked under the sun. By now the locals had arrived at the swimming holes.
A coffee and cheese cake back the patisserie was well deserved.
Thanks Sue.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mt Bogong

A very hot summer on Mt Bogong, Victoria. January, 2009.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Woohoo!!! Kevin's teaching me to blog.

Descending the Bundjalung Dunes

André descends the Bundjalung dunes at sunset.