Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bundjalung National Park

Richard Mills lead a wonderful base camp to Bundjalung National Park near Woodburn, NSW over the Australia Day Weekend.

Camp sites had bush on 3 sides and a dirt road at the front. So access was easy and the sites were relatively private. Long drop toilets and electric bar-b-ques were available.

Campers brought their own water. And there were the NSW Park fees to pay $10 per person per night and $7 per car per day.

The wildlife came out at night: echidnas, bandicoots and carpet snakes were seen. The phosphorescence of Jerusalem Creek at night was wonderful to see.

Saturday was hot and humid. Swimming in Jerusalem Creek was cool relief.
The old bomb shelter proved to be useful as a cool pantry and a shady kitchen out of the wind.
Richard was informally naturalised in a touching ceremony where he was presented with a straw hat, and a flag apron, a pair of good thongs, a shirt and a wig. together with Lamington cake and ANZAC biscuits. [Aparently Australians don't need pants.]
Everyone climbed the tall dunes to catch the sunset before resuming "happy hour". The sky turned a wonderful orange after the sun had set.
The stars on Saturday night were great with the large and small Magellan Clouds easily seen with many metors and satellites.

Sunday was overcast but it was still a hot walk to Evans Head Bombing Range along the creek then back along the beach. As the tide came in the walkers took to the low cliffs to avoid a swim. Wind and rain on Sunday evening and night tested our tents, but did not stop "happy hour".

Monday was overcast with intermitant showers, so the bushies packed early and left for home.

I brought my son André on his first camping trip and he had such a wonderful time with the bushies that he wants to do it again. Thanks bushies.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Let the Blogging begin...

Hello Bushies,
Please use this space to share your bushwalking.